In this work, we used the following tools and technologies.

  1. eClass  is a vocabulary tool to describe products with the more details and also in a way to make it easy to find your products in search engine.

  1. Rule Responder is the tool to organize the virtual structure of our project. We develop Personal Agent, External Agent, etc. It is the link between the query and the search.

  1. RuleML is written in XML language and used for deduction in backward way.

  1. Ontology Editor: Protégé is a free and open source ontology editor and knowledge-base framework. Based on Java it makes an environment flexible for rapid prototyping and application development

  1. Rule Engine: OO jDREW is a tool written in Java for rule ML. It is a deductive reasoning engine. OO jDREW implements Object Oriented extensions to RuleML which include:

  • Order Sorted Types

  • Slots

  • Object Identifiers

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